What's this whole Scary Letter thing all about?
In October 2012, author Jason Arnopp released a short story called A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home, which is available in two distinct versions. There's the Ebook Edition (in all three formats) and the Paper Edition, a personalised, physical letter which is snail-mailed to your home!  The regular ebook version mimics a disturbing letter addressed to you, the reader, and references your home in a generic way.  The Paper Edition does much the same thing, but with specific information.  It uses multiple details, such as your name, address, local information... and it physically turns up on your mail mat! 

What are these stories actually about?
A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home takes the form of a letter from the previous resident at your property, a paranoid character who prefers to remain anonymous. Cautious at first, they eventually open up and tell you the horrendous story of their ordeal at the hands of a paranormal entity. An entity which remains active in your home. You're next to inherit the curse.  Read an opening chunk here.

Can you give me some idea of the content of these stories, in the style of the BBFC or MPAA's guidelines?
A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home features strong supernatural threat, infrequent strong language and scenes of surgery.  In UK film terms, it would be rated '15'

Just how scary are these stories?
Most readers' feedback suggests A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home is pretty scary. The kind of thing you might think about, for instance, while waking in the dead of night. 

Can I order a Paper Edition letter to be tailored to someone else and delivered to them?
Absolutely. Most people do. The order form makes it easy to differentiate between you, the Buyer, and your friend/relative the Victim... sorry, Recipient.

Can I order the letter to be tailored to someone else, but have it delivered to me?
Sure.  Just specify this in Comments on the order form.  What you'll receive here is the sealed letter inside a second, outer envelope which is provided free of charge. You might also consider whether you'd prefer the actual letter-envelope to have the Recipient's address on it, or just their name, as if it's been hand-posted through their letterbox.

Can the letter be addressed to two people?
No, only one.  However, if the main recipient lives with someone else, that person can be mentioned in the letter.  Just ask!

What if I order this letter for someone and it quite literally scares them to death?
You'd be very ill-advised to order this letter for anyone who's likely to keel over.  To prevent malicious use, each letter ends with 'This letter was purchased for you at ScaryLetter.com, by [Name Of Buyer]' in small print. Just in case. When most people receive a worrying letter, the first thing they'll do is flick to the end to see who's sent it.

Can you deliver as close to a given date as possible, ie a Recipient's birthday?
We can try. The best idea here, though, is for us to write 'Do not open until [date]/[Halloween]/[Christmas' on the back on the envelope. Just ask in Comments on the order form.  And if aiming for a specific occasion, please allow as much time as possible, ideally several weeks.

How exactly does the ordering system work?
It's a simple three-step affair...
(1) Click the Order Here tab, then pay at PayPal (no membership required) by clicking the appropriate link, which will automatically open a new browser window
(2) Return to the Order Here page and provide all the necessary information.
(3) Wait for delivery! 

Is PayPal the only way to pay?
At the moment, yes, but PayPal does accept all major debit/credit cards, regardless of whether you're a member with them.  But please do e-mail to register your need for an alternative method, ie cheque (UK only).

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