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The Paper Editions are priced according to where you are in the world, as the package will be sent from the UK.  Get them while you can! 

Given the state of the world's postal system, I sadly cannot 100% guarantee that your ordered letter will arrive before Valentine's Day - especially if the recipient lives outside the UK. There are too many potential events beyond our control, eg a slow postal system or postal strikes. The sooner you can order the better, and for Valentine's orders, please try to order before January 14 2023. 

If you'd like to order the Paper Edition of A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home (full details here), it's an easy three-step process.

(1) Pay using PayPal (no membership required)
(2) Return to this page and provide the information I need
(3) Wait for delivery!

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Please pay for your Paper Edition using PayPal, which accepts all major debit/credit cards and does not require membership.

There is one set price for orders worldwide, regardless of where you are in the world.

Regular price: £297 

CURRENT SALE PRICE: £237 inclusive of worldwide shipping and VAT. 

Please note: each letter comes without cover artwork, story title, advertising blurb or author credit, in order to maintain the authentic feel of a letter.


When you have paid, please return to this page and fill in the information in the form below.  You can order a letter for yourself (in which case you are the Buyer and the Recipient) or letters for other people (in which case you're the Buyer and they're the Recipient).  Rest assured, all details will only be used to create the Paper Edition(s) of A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home and for no other purpose. 

When you submit the form, you will see a small onscreen acknowledgement. Jason Arnopp will then personally email you to confirm, aiming to do so within 72 hours of sending. 



Sit back and watch that letterbox!  Please allow 21 days for UK delivery and 28 days anywhere else.