Paper Editions

You can choose to have A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home snail-mailed to you – or a friend – as a physically printed personalised letter. This is the most authentic way to receive and experience the story as if it is fully real.  It also makes for a frighteningly special Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween or birthday gift.

Given the state of the world's postal system, we sadly cannot 100% guarantee that your ordered letter will arrive before Christmas - especially if the recipient lives outside the UK. There are too many potential events beyond our control, eg a slow postal system or postal strikes. But we will try! Please be sure to order before December 10 (UK) or December 6 (elsewhere) if you'd like a chance of pre-Christmas delivery. 

Each unique letter is personally created by the author.  

This 10,000-word story will be printed on around 23 sheets of 100gsm A4 Vellum Laid paper and mailed to your home in a card-backed A4 envelope. It will look like this, except with your name and address at the top...

Why your name and address? Because the text will be tailored specifically to you in key ways, incorporating the following information:

Your first name, eight times throughout
Your exact property type (ie flat/apartment or house) 
The length of time you've lived at the property
Your addressroad name and town/city
One or two other details in the text, specific to your local area
surprise, capitalising on the physical nature of letters

The effect is to enhance and cement the story's claim that your home is haunted.

The Paper Edition of A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home is the ultimate way to scare yourself or a f(r)iend.   If you'd like to receive a creepily disturbing letter and become afraid in your own home, this is the one for you.  It is available worldwide.


Each Paper Edition will be entirely unique and signed by the author (in 'character' as the sender of the letter.) There will also be a couple of creepy surprises that maximise the effect of the letter.  Order here.

Just a few of the reactions from worldwide recipients of the Paper Edition of A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home!

"Masterfully creepy" – Sam Kurd, Leamington Spa

"Brilliant.  I cheated and read it in daylight and it's still made me uneasy to be at home" – Tiernan Douieb, London

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and the ending was excellent!  Best 'PS' ever" – Bianca, Lamberhurst

"Got a page-and-a-half in and lost the ability to continue.  Am now hiding in the bedroom.  Awesome!" – Lisa Gemino, British Columbia

"Highly original, chilling tale. I made the mistake of reading it alone, after dark, and couldn't sleep afterwards... Thoroughly and terrifyingly enjoyable" - Marjorie Taylor, Wiltshire

"Very creepy, very good story, I just hope I can sleep tonight now" - David M, UK

"Brilliant story - and weaving in a unique local element was the crowning glory" - Martyn Swain, York

The Paper Editions are priced according to where you are in the world, as the package will be sent from the UK.  Get them while you can! 

If you'd like to order the Paper Edition of A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home, there's a quick and easy three-step process.

(1) Pay using PayPal (no membership required).
(2) Provide the required information.
(3) Wait for delivery!

Start this process on the Order page.